Behavioral Health & Substance Use

Our Behavioral Health Department offers a wide range of recovery focused service for our patients that have mental health and/or substance use needs.

Services available :

  • Individual counseling/ assessments
  • Outpatient Substance Use Services
  • Early intervention for adolescents experimenting with substance use
  • Prevention Services
  • Group settings and community focused peer 360 recovery services for long-term success.
  • Community involvement with AA
  • Psychiatric services
  • A Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) is available


  • Anger Management - focusing on assisting individuals in learning how to manage their anger, develop self control, and receive support and feedback from a group format.
  • General Substance Use - assists in building coping skills related to use of drugs and alcohol, transitioning individuals from the stage of active use to long term sobriety, and emphasizing relapse prevention.
  • Women’s Group- this group focuses on topics that matter specifically to women with an undertone of promoting healthy behaviors.
  • Parenting Classes- promotes innovative parenting skills, emphasizes healthy living, and provides a supportive environment for parents.
  • Skill Building Group- assists with developing independent behaviors, career and employment preparations, and promote the development of social media awareness.
  • Early Intervention- allows adolescents to understand consequences of Risky Behaviors, foster change in behaviors and attitudes, and develop healthy goals through the practice of productive coping skills.

In addition peer recovery services are available for individuals seeking a community focused group setting with the options of Peer 360 and Addiction Anonymous.

Every group offered at Sterling Area Health center takes an integrated approach combining mental health, substance use, and overall healthcare for a comprehensive wellness experience. If you know anyone that might be interested in any of the services offered at SAHC,  please contact our Behavioral Health Department at (989) 654-2491

725 E. State Street, Sterling, MI 48659
Tel: 989-654-2491  •  Fax: 989-654-2190
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